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Engineering Class


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Experience different careers all in one building!  Learn what it's like working in advanced manufacturing, trade & industry, health sciences, information technology, and retail & business services by getting hands-on experience.  Numerous companies within each of these sectors will be at this event to show you what their business does, different careers you can pursue, and give you the chance to ask questions.  You don't want to miss out on this chance.  We hope to see you there!  

Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing uses technology to improve products and/or processes.  This cluster offers a broad range of careers from engineering and technology, administrative services, to production, maintenance, installation and repairs.  

Public Safety & Emergency Services 

With a career in public safety and emergency services, you are often the first on the scene when someone needs help.  Careers include Emergency Medical Services, Fire & Technical Rescue, and Law Enforcement. 

Trade & Industry

Trade & Industry professionals are responsible for various specialty trades including construction, mining, welding, electrical wiring, etc.  These positions are typically skilled and some are in very high demand!

Retail, IT, Business Services, & Healthcare

Retail, IT, Business Services, & Healthcare provide services that businesses and citizens need.  Some examples are legal, real estate, insurance, computer programming, design, financial, food, and consultation services in addition to physician offices, urgent care centers, hospital careers, and more.  

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