This is a great forum for your business to interact with approximately 1,000 local students and show them your business and what career opportunities you have for them.  The exhibits will need to be hands-on in order to give the students a better understanding of your business/industry.  Our goal is to show students career paths in different areas to help them choose a career.  Not sure what you could bring or do that would be good for a hands-on demonstration?  No problem!  Send us a message and someone will contact you with some ideas.  

Career Clusters include: Advanced Manufacturing, Health & Public Services, Trade & Industry, and Retail, Information Technology, & Business Services.

The schedule is:

Eighth grade students from the Five Rivers area middle schools will be broken into several sessions throughout their school day to participate in the Expo.  While they are at the event, they will explore the different sectors and explore careers at your booth.  They can also do some hands-on activities to help them think through different careers and what they can do to be successful after they graduate high school.  We want them to know how their decisions in high school and post secondary education can help them to achieve the career of their dreams!

If you would like to be an exhibitor CLICK HERE to be taken to the sign up form.