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Future Ready Expo was created to give 8th grade students an opportunity to explore careers in four sectors. The difference between FRE and a job fair is this event is designed to be hands-on.  Students are able to see how a job is performed, interact with the representative, and even operate some equipment and simulators that the exhibitors bring.  

The career clusters are broken down into the following sectors: 

  • Advanced Manufacturing

  • Public Safety & Emergency Services

  • Business, IT, Retail Services, & Healthcare

  • Trade & Industry


With the interaction and focus on career paths, the students are able to get an idea of what career they might be interested in before they get to high school.  They can decide what, if any, secondary education is best for them and their goals.


The exhibitors in each sector get to interact with these students, showcase their business, network with other exhibitors, and create potential pathways for these students to become interns, apprentices, or employees. 


Future Ready Expo is proud to be able to provide this experience for all participants!


This is a one day event and is open to businesses and students in the

Five Rivers area (Tennessee) during the morning and early afternoon sessions. 


If you would like to be contacted to participate in the next Expo, please contact us HERE.

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