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Communication Skills in the Workplace

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As you begin your career, no matter the field, you will need to have effective communication skills. Communication is critical to success in your job and being able to interact with other people. While there are multiple forms of communication, let's focus on verbal communication for now.

  1. Teamwork - Think back to when you had to work in a team. Was it easy or difficult? What made it easy or difficult? Was it your teammates that made it better or worse? Could it have been the communication? One thing I've always found is that is you are able to communicate with your co-workers/team, it makes your day so much better. How many arguments could have been avoided if there was not a miscommunication?

  2. Leadership - As you move up in your career and potentially take on a leadership role (manager, supervisor, lead position, department head) communication will be critical to accomplishing your team's goals. Your team will look to you for guidance, advice, to lead goals and it will be important for you to verbally tell them what your expectations are for them.

  3. Customer Service - Every job you do will have client interactions. Retail, maintenance technicians, machine operator, CEO, construction crew/leader, IT, doctor/nurse, etc. ALL have to deal with "customers". The customers may look different for each job - but think about who you have to interact with to be successful in your position. Those are your customers. They are all expecting a service from you and if you can't communicate with them, they may not come back to you for that service. Do you think you'll be effective in growing your career if no one wants to work with you? Of course not.

Communication skills are critical in the world we live in, with the world at our fingertips we have to be able to deal with people from every walks of life. How will you choose to build your communication skills?


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